Thursday, July 30, 2020

The New Normal: The future of vaping in BC

On July 20th 2020 the BC ministry of health released a guide on the sweeping set of new regulations for eliquid manufacturers and retailers in the province. The BC e-substances regulations guide outlines key changes to industry norms and sets some short time frames for compliance and reporting. Coming into full effect September 15th 2020, here is a quick summary of the regulations surrounding sales and packaging.

  • Nicotine content capped at 20mg and sale of 0mg Nicotine content is prohibited for sale
  • Volumetric restriction - limits container size to 30ml
  • The sale of flavoured e-substances restricted to specialty vape shops
  • Plain packaging requirements that prevent the use of images
  • Advertising restrictions effective immediately
  • Prohibit the sale of flavoured e-substances listed in schedule 3 of the TVPA (1)

The retailers guide also contains more sections on notification requirements, as well as mandating reporting for products, sales and manufacturing.
If you have not yet read the full guide, it can be found here:

The vape industry in BC is changing rapidly while still in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. The industry as a whole responded and adapted quickly by implementing rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols including social distancing and thorough sanitization procedures. Already forced to adjust on the fly to massive and unprecedented economic challenges and disruption, retailers and manufacturers in the BC vape industry are facing a new set of requirements in response to the BC e-substances retailer guide. These changes represent a massive shift in marketplace norms, add significant reporting requirements (both initial and annual) to retailers and manufacturers, and have caused a slew of confusion and frustration among vapers and industry stakeholders. All of this is rolling out at a time when other more prevalent issues (like a global pandemic) are at front of mind for vapers and vape business owners. Until a full and formal bill makes its way through the BC legislature, retailers and manufacturers are going to have to interpret these guidelines as best as possible and attempt to adhere to new regulations absent the “letter of the law”... so to speak.

We submitted our response to the BC government’s intentions during the submission period at the beginning of 2020. DIY Flavours, as well as many other individuals and businesses in the industry, presented opposition to several key points in the intentions paper. Higher nicotine limits in e-liquid to help heavy smokers transition easier to vaping, keeping bottle size at 60ml to align with existing standards and to not restrict products sold by BC retailers to BC vapers. Unfortunately only a slight change in bottle size limits (originally 10ml - up to 30ml now) was the only concession made in response to the concerns of industry stakeholders.  

Flavours and our focus

Amidst the bevy of guidelines and reporting requirements is a provision under section 3 (Sales) that contains the following text:

“Retailers cannot sell the flavoured vapour products that belong to the categories of flavours and substances outlined in Schedule 3 of the federal Tobacco and Vapour Products Act “

The highlighted section above makes reference to a list of flavour categories outlined by the federal government in the TVPA (3). Although the TVPA contains a list of flavour categories - the only reference to schedule 3 in the TVPA is with respect to packaging and brand elements. Specifically the depiction of brand elements on packaging that could be derived from that list. In the TPVA there is no ban on the sale of flavours of those categories. The BC e-substances regulation appears to go one step further by explicitly prohibiting the sale of flavours that are on schedule 3. As our flavourings are not considered an E-substance by the definition outlined in the guide (2) we will continue to provide these high quality products to individuals and manufacturers. 

Amidst this ever changing business landscape and dramatic shifts in day-to-day life as we know it, our focus will remain the same. At the forefront for us is the safety of our customers and our staff by following appropriate pandemic protocols. We are always striving for excellence in customer service and longstanding support for the vapor industry. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide the largest variety of concentrated flavourings made by renowned manufacturers from across the globe. 

How we support one another during this time is going to play a key role in how we respond to this new set of challenges. At this crucial juncture it is imperative that we are as supportive of one another as possible. Check in with your local shops or favourite juice makers to let them know they have your support. Reach out to them if you have any comments, questions or concerns. The Canadian vape industry was built by dedicated and fearless entrepreneurs. Shops and manufacturers across the province are staffed by wonderful and helpful individuals all with the same goal of helping smokers transition away from combustible tobacco. 

We are all in this together. As clichée as that saying may have become in recent months, it appears to be more applicable now than ever before.  



  1. Schedule 3 of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act

  1. Definition of a vaping product as outlined in the BC e-substance retailers guide
the type of product (e.g. prepackaged cartridge/pod, pre-filled vape pen, e-liquid in a bottle)

  1. Tobacco and Vaping Products Act - Full text

Friday, October 25, 2019

Real Flavours Canada

Welcome to the home of Real Flavours Canada!

DIY Flavours is proud to officially announce that we are the new home of Real Flavors concentrated flavourings. This means that you will still be able to get the same premium quality Real Flavors concentrates that you've come to know and love. Here are a couple notes:

- These flavours will be sold under the new brand of Real Flavours Canada. 

- The concentrated flavourings will be of the same utmost quality and flavour as the original Real Flavors brand.

- As this is a new venture for us, we have some ramping up to do. We expect a delay of a few weeks as things are established on the back end and manufacturing moves to full production. 

- We do have stock available on most Real Flavors concentrates and they are available here:

- Real Flavours Canada Flavours will be available in gallon sizes from SaSaveur for customers in Quebec and further East.

If you have questions, concerns or requests please forward those to our support staff at

Thank you for all your continued support!

- Dylan @ DIY

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Satus Update: Vaping In Canada

With all of the recent attention in the media, we thought it would be a good opportunity to address some of the concerns we've been hearing from our customers and the public in general regarding vaping. Safety concerns, flavour bans and the potential effects for DIY'ers in Canada are front of mind for us, and the industry as a whole. 

While some of this information may seem obvious to DIY'ers who'd been vaping for a while now, it is important in this climate of misinformation to be as informed as possible in order to educate and reassure people who do not vape and are worried about what they see in the news. 

The blanket term of "Vaping"

The term vaping refers to the act of heating a substance and subsequently inhaling the vapours of the heated product. This term is commonly associated with vaping e-juice via electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS). More recently, it has become an option to vape THC distillate using similar devices. 

It is important to make the distinction between the two types of vape as they're completely different in their style and intent. An ENDS is used exclusively for nicotine e-juice, whereas THC cartridges deliver vaporized THC. Recently it has been discovered that the tragic deaths in the United States were a result of vaping counterfeit, black market THC cartridges (1) and not e-juice (2) 

The illnesses were originally attributed to the THC cartridges containing vitamin e Acetate, which is a hydrophobic oil. This means that the vaporized oil could not be absorbed by the body, but rather would coat the lungs causing serious respiratory illness. Since that time, further studies have found additional toxic materials that contributed to health issues (3)

Vaping Safely

A well known fact among experienced DIY'ers is precisely the ingredients that go in to their mix. USP Grade PG and VG, Freebase or Salt nicotine and high quality food grade flavouring. Whether you purchase your favourite e-juice from brick and mortar stores or enjoy mixing your own, e-juice designed for ENDS are a simple product with known ingredients that have been used by tens of thousands of Canadians each year as an alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes.

THC Cartridges are a different issue altogether. Still not legal in Canada and, linked to a number of tragic deaths in the United states means that individuals using these cartridges are potentially at risk to develop serious health issues. 

The Push back on flavours

The most recent action on a federal level with regards to e-juice flavours was the passing and implementation of Bill S5 (4). This bill was widely viewed favourable to both the consumer and the industry as a whole as it provided some legislative framework for the electronic cigarette industry in Canada (you can read our piece on the bill here). These regulations set standards for labelling, promotion, nicotine levels and prohibited packaging that could be misconstrued as aimed to youth, as well as prohibited certain ingredients (such as vitamins and caffeine) from being included in e-juice. 

More recently however, there has been an attempt to vilify the use of flavours in e-juice and attempts in both the United States (5) and Canada (7) (8) to ban flavoured e-juice entirely. E-juice is classified as a consumer product and is regulated on the federal level, meaning it is at Health Canada's jurisdiction to impose bans or allow the sale. Flavours have been shown to play a crucial role in helping adult smokers make the switch to vaping (6). The large majority of adult vapers prefer fruit flavored e-juice compared to tobacco flavours (7) (thanks to our friends at Dashvapes for this great information!)

What we've done

In the past week we've met with multiple candidates up for federal election in our local riding. Our intent was to provide as much information as possible about our industry, our products and what we think is a reasonable approach moving forward. It was a real eye opener for us to see exactly what our politicians knew, and how they would approach the issue of vaping in Canada. Both the candidates indicated the following information. 

- Neither were aware of the distinction between vaping an ENDS filled with e-juice and vaping a THC cartridge.

- They were both in favor of an evidence based approached to regulation by health Canada and were clear that they deferred any sort of issues pertaining to vaping to health Canada.

- In their door to door campaigning, neither candidate had heard any constituents bring up the issue of vaping.

What you can do

It may seem that we are fighting an uphill battle, given the amount of media attention vaping has received as of late. If you are as passionate about vaping as we are, and want to do your part - educate people as much as you can. Stay as informed as possible on the subject of vaping and the industry in Canada. Read beyond the click bait headlines and articles, and find the studies done on vaping and draw your own conclusions. Share this information with your family and friends and continue to push for a fair and evidence based approach.  

If you are looking for more information, or want to provide some easy to read information to friends and family, be sure to check out our friends over at Vaepworld. An excellent resource for vaping information in Canada.

Thanks for reading

-Dylan @ DIY









Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Working with One Shots

Diy-ejuice now has one shots! These new premixed blends are a tasty, fun and quick way to get a great and easy diy experience.

With almost 2000 different flavour concentrates available at diy-ejuice - picking the right flavour option for your ejuice isn't always easy and can be especially challenging when doing diy on a budget. From a daunting array of blackberry choices to a plethora of pastries to pick from, getting the most out of your diy experience takes time and practice - not to mention experimenting. I've had my fair share of mixes over the years that I thought would be delicious, turn out to be completely off...

With these brand new one shots from DIY Flavours - you can take the guessing right out of the DIY equation. Get rid of the guesswork - just mix, shake and vape.

blackberry diy-ejuice one shots
One berry - 16 different concentrates

One Shot tips

A "one shot" flavour concentrate is a pre-blended mix that can be added as the standalone flavouring in an ejuice recipe. These one shots are finely tuned and original recipes that contain multiple different flavours in a specific (and delicious) ratio.

Diy-ejuice one shot flavours are PG based concentrates and mix at a high standalone percentage. Because the one shots are PG based you won't be able to get both a high VG ejuice and a full flavoured one shot experience. As an example, the standalone percentage for the watermelon one shot is 25%. In a 60ml bottle - that is 15ml of PG based flavouring and as a result the max VG:PG ratio you can get using the recommended mixing percentage is just under 70/30 (if using pg based nic at 6%). You can get a bit higher than 70/30 if you use VG based nic but anything higher on the VG will force you to cut back on some of the standalone percentage - which could result in a less flavourful ejuice.

Another great tip to keep in mind when working with one shots (and mixing in general) is to use an ejuice calculator like this one ( They're essential for developing recipes, getting the right numbers for the right flavours and making sure you're blending everything together just right.

We're happy to share these brand new one shots from diy-ejuice and we have a great variety to choose from. Here are a couple of classics and tasty new blends to try!

A long time favourite and a fresh take on a classic pairing - blue ice is a rich blend of blueberry
flavour and icy cool menthol. The menthol is immediately noticeable on inhale and it is balanced
with tasty blueberry undertones throughout.

Icy cool refreshment
When I saw the name I had to try it, and what a wonderful surprise it was. A light yet rich tropical
style vape. Miami vice hits you subtly on both inhale and exhale and has a deep and rich mouthfeel.
You can taste delicious hints of pineapple, coconut and other tropical notes. A real nice taste
without being too overpowering - a definite consideration for my next all day vape.

Crisp and cool with a delicious mint finish. A good amount of sweetness without being overbearing
or taking away from the fresh mint and hints of menthol. A real delight for any mint fans!

A unique name for a unique one shot! Melon lime medley is a well crafted blend of that is more than
the sum of its parts. A slightly sweet berry flavour with a unique finish. This one shot blend has a
distinct flavour profile that you don't expect from the aroma of the one shot. If you’re looking for
something new and different definitely give this one a try.

Of course we've got blackberry! This is another new take on a classic ejuice flavour. This blackberry
one shot is a delicious and definitive take on a distinct and bold flavour. There is a slight sweetness
that compliments the unique blackberry taste that works really well if you can’t get enough blackberry!

The full list of one shots is available here! Be sure to drop us a line to let us know which ones are
your favourites! Happy mixing!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Vape Train Concentrated Ejuice Flavours

Vape Train concentrated flavouring is now available at!

Strawberry Custard by Vape Train

We’re super excited to be able to share with you the newest line of flavours that just arrived. All the way from the beautiful Australia, the full lineup of over 100 Vape Train concentrated flavourings are here!

Milkshake base by Vape Train

The fine folks from down under sure do know their flavours. Vape Train flavour offerings are a diverse selection of staple ejuice flavours like blueberry, strawberry and vanilla cream as well as some unique base flavour concentrates like milkshake base and pudding base on which to build your next unique DIY masterpiece. 

Apollo Feijoa by Vape Train

If you’re looking for a unique and original fruit flavoured concentrate then you've got to try Apollo Feijoa. A fruit native to New Zealand, Apollo Feijoa by Vape Train is an exotic and tangy flavour akin to the juiciness of pineapple with hints of green banana flavour and tangy distinct aroma. 

Interested more in satisfying that sweet tooth in your next DIY blend? Then you're definitely going to want to try Vape Train's Fizzy Sherbet. Not quite like the sherbet or "sherberts" you may be used to, the Fizzy Sherbet is more like a pixie stick with a sweet twist and provides a slight "fizzyness" to your ejuice.

What's your favourite Vape Train Flavour? Got a masterpiece recipe you want to share? Let us know on our facebook page!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How To Influence Perceptions of Vaping

Vaping has many positive aspects. You may have started as a way to stop smoking cigarettes or do it just because it’s fun. However, vaping is not something that everyone views favorably. While vaping has become relatively mainstream now, public perceptions of it still aren’t the best. Nonsmokers often connect vaping with smoking cigarettes and therefore view the practice as harmful and unpleasant. Ironically, many smokers have their own problems with it; in particular, they may feel judged by vapers, which prompts them to act rudely. All too often, vapers get defensive when others look down on them for vaping, without even realizing that they are part of the problem. This negativity often stems from a lack of etiquette regarding the practice. Read on for a few tips on proper vape etiquette, and be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Vaping Etiquette Tips 

Whether you are new to vaping or have been into it for some time, it never hurts to brush up on some basic etiquette. By keeping the following dos and don’ts in mind, you can do your part to not only be a courteous vaper but to also influence and improve perceptions about the practice.

Some Vaping Dos

  • Do ask first. Since vaping affects your immediate environment and anyone in it, it is crucial to always ask permission before partaking when others are around. Even when you know that the people you are with are fine with it, ask. Better to double check than to upset someone. 
  • Do go outside. Whenever possible, take your vaping outside. Unless you’re in your own home, it is far more considerate to act based on the idea that others don’t want to see or smell vapor indoors. In fact, you should just assume that you’re required to go outside unless explicitly invited to partake indoors.
  • Do educate others. When someone gives you dirty looks or says something disparaging about your vaping, resist the urge to be rude. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to educate the other person about vaping. Explain why you enjoy doing it, and go into more detail if he or she expresses curiosity. Do what you can to keep the situation from escalating. By exhibiting calmness and friendliness in such a confrontation, you will do a lot to improve others’ perceptions about vaping.

Some Vaping Don’ts 

  • This probably goes without saying, but don’t blow vapor in people’s faces. Whenever you are vaping around others—especially around those who don’t vape themselves—be conscientious about where you are blowing your vapor. You may be enamored of the huge clouds you produce, but others definitely aren’t. If you inadvertently blow vapor in someone’s direction, make a point of apologizing for it right away. One of the top complaints about vapers is their tendency to want to show off their huge clouds, so refraining from doing so around others will help them to form better views of vapers.
  • Don’t “stealth vape.” When in situations where vaping is definitely not allowed, you may find yourself tempted to sneak off and do some vaping in secret. Even if you don’t get caught, this is a big problem. If nothing else, others may realize that someone has been vaping on the sly, and this might confirm whatever prejudices they have against vapers. Keep in mind that vaping is a privilege, not a right, and that there are plenty of opportunities in any given day to do it without resorting to deception.
  • Don’t vape around pets or children. As a general rule, keep your vape out of sight when pets or children are around. Assume that anyone who has kids or four-legged friends will be opposed to having vapor clouds swirling around them. You might think about asking permission, but this unfairly puts people on the spot. They may agree to let you go ahead, but you will still come across as a pushy person who can’t hold off on vaping regardless of the circumstances—and that’s the exact type of stigma we need to eradicate.

We love vaping as much as you do, but as with anything, there is a time and a place for it. Even if you start employing the above tips and are extremely conscientious about your vaping, know that there will always be people who look down upon it. By doing your part to be a courteous vaper, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re helping to blow away negative misperceptions about it—and that’s a great thing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bill S5 and DIY - What it means for you

Bill S5 - Vaping and DIY e-juice in Canada
The controversial vaping legislation known as Bill S5 was recently passed by the Government of Canada and as of May 23 2018, has received Royal assent and become law. The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act aims to regulate aspects of the vaping industry related to the manufacture, labeling, sale and promotion of vaping products. 

Health Canada has outlined some specific priorities in this legislation. Their intent is to prevent youth from nicotine addiction and allow adults access to vaping products as a less harmful alternative to tobacco. These are both good common sense priorities with clear intentions. Beyond that however, the impact of the legislation varies widely. Depending on where you’re at with your DIY experience there are certain things you need to be aware of if you’re vaping, mixing or selling e-juice in Canada.

DIY and you
If you make your own e-juice at home for your own use, you’re unlikely to see much, if any, change at all. Certain flavours will have more ingredients listed on the label and you may notice some changes in the packaging or names of some juices at your local store but, beyond that, it is unlikely that Bill S5 will impact you. 

The impact on e-juice manufacturers and retailers
E-juice manufacturers and e-juice retailers will be more affected by these pending regulations. There are several specific provisions listed in the bill that vendors will need to adhere to.
  • Banning the sale of vaping products to anyone under 18 years of age (or the age of majority in your province)
  • Restricting the promotion of flavours that appeal to young people (confectionery, dessert, cannabis, soft drink and energy drink flavours specifically)
  • Prohibits promotional activities like advertising that associates vaping with exciting lifestyles (except in the case where the promotion may be viewed by only adults) 
  • Prohibits health related claims regarding vaping products as well as prohibiting certain health related ingredients from being included in e-juice
  • Manufacturers must be able to provide on demand details regarding ingredient composition and emission details for all vaping related products.
These provisions are designed to prevent minors from being enticed into vaping by packaging that looks like it could be mistaken for candy, or an e-juice name that's considered appealing to kids. Juice names such as “Unicorn Puke” were actually used as an example when crafting this bill. 
Unicorn Puke e-juice - DIY ejuice and Vaping in Canada
The legislation doesn’t specifically state prohibitions regarding the naming of an e-juice but that doesn’t mean restrictions are not being considered, especially when a popular flavour with a unique name is used as an example. 

This is where a lot of confusion arises surrounding this bill. Let's say for example, you’ve got a great tasting and best selling cola gummy flavoured e-juice. After Bill S5 lands can you still call your e-juice “Crazy Cola Gummies”? Is that name too appealing to kids because the juice shares a name and flavour with a kind of candy? How are consumers supposed to be "allowed access" to these products if they're not able to easily identify their desired flavour of e-juice? 

The answers to these questions are yet to be determined. The legislative framework of the bill has not yet been established and ultimately changes and revisions can be made at any time and at the discretion of the Minister of Health.

E-juice flavours
Another big question surrounding S5 is how it impacts flavouring. Specific ingredients are one thing, but what about specific flavours? We know for certain that the government has explicitly stated that they are not banning flavours. This excerpt is taken from the Q&A posted on the Health Canada website

“The use of flavours in vaping liquids is not restricted under the proposed Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA). While flavours help make vaping liquids palatable to adult smokers seeking a less harmful alternative to tobacco, the promotion of certain flavours may appeal to young persons and induce them to use these vaping products. In this way, the proposed TVPA seeks to achieve a balance between these competing public health interests.”

This is great news for DIY and the industry as a whole. This bill recognizes that e-juice flavourings are an important part of vaping and having a wide variety of flavours to choose from will continue to be a huge part of the enjoyment of vaping and mixing your own e-juice. 

The ban on ingredients
Another provision of the bill that will directly impact e-juice manufactures is a prohibition on certain ingredients. Below is the schedule of ingredients included that are banned from inclusion in vaping products.

Schedule 2 of Bill S5 - DIY e-juice and Vaping in Canada
The reasoning behind the prohibition of these ingredients can be linked back to the wording surrounding health claims. Bill S5 prohibits health related statements from being made regarding vaping. Specifically, the bill states that the intention is to “prevent the public from being deceived or misled with respect to the health hazards of using vaping products as well as to enhance public awareness of health hazards associated with vaping”. As long as your e-juices do not contain these ingredients or make any health claims then you will not run afoul of these provisions in Bill S5.

Data retention and ingredient information
Bill S5 imposes a requirement for e-juice manufacturers and retailers to retain detailed ingredient and emission related data for all of their vaping related products. Health Canada requires that this information be available to them on demand from any manufacturer at any time. Failing to provide this information at the behest of the minister could result in the prohibition of sale of vaping products.

Another vital component of Bill S5 is the amendments made to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Restrictions regarding toxicity and nicotine content (less than 66 mg/ml or 6.6%) child resistant containers and labeling standards are now in full effect and can be viewed here.

Final thoughts
At first glance there are some great common sense provisions included in Bill S5. Common sense regulations like prohibiting the sale of vaping products to minors and the understanding that a wide variety of different flavoured e-liquid is an integral part of vaping are two important things recognized in Bill S5. The labeling standards set forth in this Bill are also well laid out. Whether or not you agree with those restrictions is a up to you, but the clarity and specificity regarding this particular provision leaves little room for questions. 

It is unfortunate that this bill covers both tobacco and vaping products. Two very different things regulated under the same Act can cause serious confusion and misinformation. We are all aware that smoking tobacco involves combustion whereas vaping does not. The act of using a flame to ignite dried tobacco leaves to produce smoke does not occur in vaping. There is categorical difference in the activities so why are they being regulated in the same legislation? 

As it stands right now there are still many unanswered questions regarding the amendments proposed in the Tobacco and Vaping products Act. Regulatory framework and specifics regarding certain provisions are still under development and certain details aren’t yet available. Until more information is provided the industry is left to comply with what is already included in Bill S5 while simultaneously preparing for a changing regulatory vaping landscape in Canada.

For more information about the topics covered in this blog, be sure to check out the links below.

Complete text of Bill S5

Health Canada Bill S5 Overview

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